Dr.Cocktail is the nom de potation of Ted Haigh, pundit and writer on subjects pertaining to spirits, cocktails, and their histories. He is author of the acclaimed book “Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails,” (the newly revised, expanded, deluxe edition is now available from book stores and via Amazon.com). He writes a popular column for Imbibe Magazine, blogs on occasion (stay tuned), and is the Curator of The Museum of the American Cocktail. Doc owns CocktailDB.com: The Internet Cocktail Database; home of the infernal Mixilator machine. He lectures on anachronistic, bibulous subjects and has one of the larger collections of vintage cocktail ingredients and reference materials to be found. Seriously, it’s just insane how much booze this guy has. He moonlights as a graphic designer for Hollywood films in, well, Hollywood.

This website is Dr.Cocktail’s virtual scrapbook and serves as the Transporter Room to his various spiritual follies.
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